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Employment Opportunities

We’re Hiring!

Tired of the gimmicks-based industry?

Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating is always looking for quality additions to our team. We believe our staff is truly the best in the business and we are proud to welcome anyone who can positively contribute to the great work we are dedicated to do everyday. We expect the utmost honesty and integrity from our team members and ourselves as family values guide our business. Benefit packages are also available for all full-time team members. Here are some of the positions we are currently seeking.

If you’re a qualified technician looking for employment opportunities with a company steeped in quality and tradition, Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating is ideal for you! We are always looking for dependable, quality-minded technicians to join our crew. We are currently looking for the following position(s):

Installation Technician

Installing equipment with the highest level of workmanship is at the forefront of The Installation Technician at Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating. From the word go, you should be able to remove the existing unit, replace it with a new unit and make it look as good as it works once you are finished. You will be in the homes of our awesome customers and we expect you to be able to talk to them; and not just “hello” and “goodbye”. You need to be able to make them feel comfortable; physically with the work you’ve done and emotionally with outstanding customer service. We are in the business of people so you must have people skills. Here at WACH we like our power tools and we know how to use them. You should too. Basic carpentry skills are a plus as well. Your performance will be noticed; by our customers and by our install manager. If you are successful you will know it and will see it in the form of quick raise within your first 2 months. There is a high potential for a comfortable living ($40k-$60k) as an installer at WACH.

Service Technician

The Service Technician at Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating is our resident healer. San Antonians take their air conditioners seriously and as a service tech, you are the ones they need when it’s 100 degrees and they have been sweating all day. From diagnosis to repair, you must be able to meet the, often desperate, needs of the customer through quality workmanship and accommodating customer service. Maintenance is another facet of being a successful service technician at WACH.

Superior maintenance means a longer life of a unit and that’s what our customers expect from us and what we expect from you. Our dispatch system is unique to WACH and geared to help you manage your day with transparency and so your calls go more smoothly. You will be supplied with a service vehicle and larger tools required to complete your jobs. Your performance will evaluated by customers and our service manager. Pay is determined by performance with the potential for making a comfortable living ($40-$60k).

Office Assistant

Our office team is the magic behind the curtain. The Office Assistant is the oil that keeps the gears running and is just as important to our success as any other team member. As an addition to our team you must be able to interact with customers with the highest communication skills.

Strong customer service is the backbone of this job and you need to be positive as well as energetic in order to succeed in this position. You will be required to answer phones, schedule calls based on priority and urgency as well as perform other office duties such as filing and managing receipts and invoices. The ability to quickly learn our computer dispatch system is essential and multi-tasking is a must. This is a full-time position with starting pay at $9 dollars an hour.


To apply for a position fill out the form below or mail your resume to:
Wilks Air
ATTN: Keith or Patrick
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