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What to do in an AC emergency

When your AC goes out, you need help fast! Follow these easy self-diagnostic tips to see if you can fix your AC emergency immediately — or call Wilks  at 210-534-9911 for a service call to diagnose your problem – FREE!

Check your breaker.Check your breaker.

If the outdoor unit is not running, check your breaker.

The breaker for your outside unit is in the breaker box on the outside wall near your electric meter.

Check your drain switch.

If the outdoor unit is not running, check to see if you have a drain switch.

Drain switches are designed to turn off your outdoor unit in the event your drain line clogs.  Drain switches can be installed in the primary drain or they can clip on safety drain pans installed under your indoor unit.

You can attempt to fix the problem by removing the water with a shop style vacuum.

Check your air filter Check your air filter.

Is your air conditioning unit running but not cooling?

First, check your air filter. A dirty air filter can cause your unit to stop cooling.

Second, check for ice on your outdoor unit.  If ice is present, turn your air conditioner off and switch your fan control on your thermostat to the ON position. By doing this, you will melt any ice which may have accumulated on the indoor coil.  After 3-4 hours, you can turn the unit back on for temporary relief.

Once you set an appointment for service, turn your unit off to allow the technician to evaluate your system without the presence of ice.

Check your thermostat batteries. Check your thermostat batteries.

When you turn the air conditioner on and nothing works.

First make sure your thermostat batteries are new. Some thermostats do not use batteries. Most thermostats require 2 AA batteries to operate.

If the batteries are new, check your indoor breaker panel. The plug supplying power to the furnace is usually in your indoor panel.  If you have a heat pump system, your breaker for the indoor unit will be outside in the breaker box near your meter.

If your breakers are not tripped, make sure the panels of your furnace are securely fastened on the furnace.