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Home Performance

Will buying a high efficient comfort system save you money?  Will your home be more comfortable?  Do you have excessive dust and allergies?  The answer depends on the performance of your home.  Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating is dedicated to solving problems.  Knowing how your homes performance will help determine where your money is best invested.  Many home owners spend thousands of dollars on system replacements, only to continue wasting 25% – 40% of the energy bought to run them.

Here at Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating, we use state of the art testing instruments to determine exactly which areas of home need to be fixed to maximize comfort.

Blower Door Test

A blower door is a powerful fan that mounts into the frame of an exterior door. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed cracks and openings.

Duct Blaster & Flow Hood Test

A duct blaster test combines a pressure gauge with a small fan to determine the amount of air leaking from your duct system.  Flow hood tests determine the amount of air being delivered to a given space.

Thermal Imaging

High definition thermal imaging helps you find where warm air is infiltrating your home through wall, ceiling, outlets, lights, etc.  Thermal imaging also shows you deficiencies in your insulation levels.

Home comfort is dependent on three things; equipment, duct system, and thermal envelope.  Indoor comfort is like a three legged stool; all three legs have to be strong.  Most contractors focus on the equipment leg.  Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating focuses on all three legs to ensure maximum comfort.