Why Wilks | Quality Air Conditioning & Heating Experience

Because, with Wilks, There’s a Way! To free service calls. To worry-free AC and warranties. And to quality workmanship!

Why Wilks

Fair, flat-rate pricing: No gimmicks. No coupons applied to inflated retail prices. No strings attached. It’s who we are.

As a small, successful American business, Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating believes in treating everyone fairly and equally. We charge a flat rate for everything repair so home owners know exactly what they are receiving for their hard earned money. We are family-run and able to provide highly competitive pricing when compared to the big AC companies — without requiring you to add up discounts or download multiple coupons to have your air conditioning and heating system repaired.

Free AC Service Call #1: Free Service Call.

If your AC or heating should stop working, call Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating for a free service call to see what the problem is — no strings attached. The last thing you should worry about is a service charge.

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Wilksmanship Quality AC Service Install #2: Quality Workmanship — called Wilksmanship.

There’s workmanship and then there is “WILKSMANSHIP”. At Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating, we know the system you purchase is only as good as the people who install it. To us, quality craftsmanship is one of the most important aspects of customer service. We make sure to provide you with the same attention to detail that we would in our own homes and our installation technicians take great pride in the work they do.
It’s why we coined the term “Wilksmanship”!

Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating dependable, honest service in San Antonio and surrounding communities#3: Over 30 years of dependable, honest service.

Since 1974, Wilks Air Conditioning & Heating has been serving San Antonio and surrounding communities for over thirty years. We’ve provided a personal, family-oriented approach and fair, no-gimmick pricing that has kept us in business and serving our customers — some since we opened our doors.

#4: Primary source of business: loyal customers and word-of-mouth.

For over thirty years, our company has depended upon the loyalty of our customers and their referrals to make our business grow. We don’t spend money on expensive TV commercials or clever billboards. Instead, we spend our time earning customer’s business with no-gimmick prices and quality, dependable service. Period.

Worry Free AC Repair Install San Antonio#5: The Wilks Worry-free AC.

Every system we install comes with our complimentary 1-year Worry-Free AC Maintenance Program! Having regular, twice a year, maintenance ensures the longevity of your system and helps keep it running at its most efficient level. By continuing your membership, not only will you receive twice a year maintenance, you also receive free filters for the life of the system. Awell-maintained unit and regular filter changes ensures your home remains efficient, safe and healthy.That’s Worry-Free AC!

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Worry-Free Warranty #6: The Wilks Worry-free Guarantee.

We understand that you are about to make a substantial investment in your home. The last thing you want is to second guess your choice. Wilks Air Conditioning and Heating offers a 100% MONEY BACK guarantee! We take the risk off your shoulders and put it on ours. If we DO NOT do everything we say and we are not able to fix any issues that occur in the first year of ownership, we will remove our system and give you 100% of your investment back. The only way you will know if the system will work is to try it out RISK FREE! That’s our WORRY-FREE GUARANTEE!

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refer-a-friend#7: Paying it forward: the Wilks Refer-a-Friend Program.

For over thirty years, our business has depended on our good work and good word. And because of this, our customers have referred us to their friends and neighbors. To show our appreciation, we started the Wilks Refer-a-Friend Program. If a customer refers Wilks to someone who has Wilks install the Wilks Worry-free AC system, we will pay them $125 and we’ll pay the new customer $125 as well. You can earn up to $1000. It’s simple: we value referrals.

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